Ambleside Fallen Stock Collection

Llandudno Fallen Stock Collection

When making arrangements for the removal of fallen stock in Ambleside, call Martlands Ambleside fallen stock collectors. We’re registered as collectors and disposers with the Fallen Stock company of Ambleside fallen stock collection and casualty animals collection.

Ambleside Fallen Stock Collection

The legal responsibility for fallen stock in Ambleside is with the ownee and on-farm burial has been banned in Ambleside since 2003 to protect human and animal health. Ambleside farmers must arrange the collection, identification and transportation of any fallen stock without any ‘undue delay’. This is where our Westmorland Fallen Stock Collection service comes in. We’ll safely and efficiently collect the carcass from its location in Ambleside and deal with it. Fallen Ambleside cattle over 48 months must be collected from Ambleside and samples taken by an approved Ambleside TSE sampling site within 24 hours of the death.

Fallen Stock Service Ambleside

When dealing with brain stem testing of fallen adult cattle (more than 48 months old), Martlands fallen stock collection Ambleside is a Licensed DEFRA-approved Sampling Centre to undertake TSE (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies). We can collect in Ambleside within 24 hours of being notified. The brain stems are removed, and samples are sent from Ambleside to the VLA (Veterinaries Laboratories Agency) in Newcastle by courier. All Ambleside carcasses are disposed of by rendering and incineration.

Westmorland Fallen Stock Collection

The Ambleside livestock industry can dispose of Ambleside waste in a safe, sustainable manner by using Martlands for its Ambleside fallen stock management.

Our Ambleside fallen stock service includes:

  • fully trained Westmorland fallen stock collection staff
  • fully licensed Ambleside knackers yard
  • radio communication between Westmorland fallen stock collection wagons for a faster service
  • full Ambleside post-mortem facilities

Just call the experts at Martlands Westmorland fallen stock collection on 01704 776977 for more information and a tailored quote.

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