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If you have fallen stock to deal with in Hoylake, call Martlands Hoylake Fallen Stock Collectors. We are registered as Hoylake Fallen Stock Collectors with the National Fallen Stock Company. It is important that you have access to an approved service that can deal with your fallen stock, and with Martlands, you get everything that you need. If you need a Hoylake fallen stock collection service, Martlands can help you.

The Importance of Proper Fallen Stock Disposal

Farmers in Hoylake are legally responsible for disposing of their own fallen stock. On-farm burial has been banned in Hoylake since 2003 to protect health. In fact, the EU Control Regulations state in Article 21 that fallen stock must be collected, identified, and transported without ‘undue delay’. This ensures that public health and environmental standards are maintained.

Legal Responsibilities for Farmers

The regulations around fallen stock disposal are stringent for a reason. Improper disposal can lead to serious health risks, including disease spread among livestock and humans. The UK law mandates that farmers must use approved services to collect and dispose of their fallen stock. This is where Martlands comes into play.

Why Choose Martlands for Fallen Stock Collection in Hoylake?

Expertise and Certification

Martlands Fallen Stock Collection Hoylake is a DEFRA-approved licensed sampling centre. We can undertake TSE (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies) brain stem testing of adult cattle (over 48 months old). Our team is highly trained and experienced in handling all fallen stock collection and disposal aspects.

Quick Response Time

We understand how crucial it is to deal with fallen stock promptly. We can collect the animal from Hoylake within 24 hours of you notifying us. This quick response time ensures compliance with regulations and minimizes any potential health risks.

Comprehensive Testing

Once we collect the animal, the brain stem is removed, and samples are taken and sent from Hoylake to the VLA (Veterinary Laboratories Agency) in Newcastle for testing. This thorough process ensures that any potential diseases are identified swiftly.

Safe Disposal Methods

All carcasses collected by Martlands are disposed of by rendering and incineration. These methods ensure that no harmful pathogens remain, providing peace of mind for farmers concerned about biosecurity.

Benefits for the Livestock Industry

The livestock industry in Hoylake can be very confident in its ability to dispose of waste safely and sustainably by using experts like Martlands for its fallen stock management needs. By complying with all responsibilities under UK law, farmers protect their livestock and contribute to broader public health goals.

Sustainable Practices

Our methods ensure minimal environmental impact while maximizing safety standards. Rendering converts animal waste into useful products like meat-and-bone meal or tallow, while incineration completely destroys any remaining pathogens.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Using a professional service like Martlands may seem like an added expense but consider it an investment in your farm’s biosecurity measures. Proper disposal prevents potential outbreaks that could be far more costly financially and reputationally.

Getting started with our services is simple:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out via phone or email as soon as you have fallen stock.
  2. Quick Collection: We will arrange collection within 24 hours.
  3. Testing & Disposal: Samples will be tested at VLA Newcastle, while carcasses will be disposed of safely.
  4. Compliance: Rest easy knowing you’re fully compliant with all legal requirements regarding fallen stock disposal.

In summary, if you’re dealing with fallen stock in Hoylake, calling Martlands should be your first step towards responsible management practices that are compliant with UK laws. With our expertise, quick response times, comprehensive testing procedures, safe disposal methods—and, most importantly—our commitment to sustainability, we offer everything you need for effective fallen stock collection in Hoylake.

Don’t leave something as critical as this up to chance; trust only certified professionals like Martlands, who understand both the urgency and importance surrounding proper livestock waste management practices today!

Wirral Fallen Stock Collection

Our Hoylake fallen stock collection service includes full Hoylake post-mortem facilities – we are a fully licensed Hoylake knacker’s yard with fully trained Hoylake fallen stock collection staff and radio communication between our wagons means you get a faster and more efficient service. Just call the experts at Martlands Wirral Fallen Stock Collection service for more information and a tailored quote.

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