Prescot Food Waste Collection Services

Billinge Food Waste Collection Services

Your new, Prescot food waste collection services and could potentially cost your business much less than you may think and when it is combined with your specialist Prescot food waste recycling service, you will find it much easier to:

  • Meet your business’s green aspirations
  • Cut your carbon footprint
  • Reduce Landfill tax

All of this ultimately helps protect your profits and boost the bottom line.

Introducing Martland’s: your local specialist Prescot food waste recycling company. We can deliver you a total waste management solution that is specially designed for you to meet your bespoke business requirements.

Prescot Food Waste Collection Services

Martland’s can divert all of your business’s recyclable food waste into an anaerobic digestion facility – this is a place where it will be converted to biogas or a nutrient-rich fertiliser. Biogas is a specialist source of renewable energy that can be burned in gas engines instead of fossil fuels like coal and oil. This means your waste can supply power to the national grid. The fertiliser will be suitable both for agricultural use and for land regeneration activity.

Waste Collection Done The Martland Way!

Martland’s believe in being a sustainable and responsible business. Whatever the service we are delivering, whether is our Prescot waste collection service or our  Prescot food waste recycling service, we always operate in an ethical, efficient and environmentally friendly way. We collect your waste in our dedicated fleet of purpose-built vehicles. We base all of our operations on the principles of energy recovery and recycling and see the process of waste as part of a cycle. Our total waste management solution is all based around our core ethos:  “Zero Waste to Landfill.”

That’s Prescot waste management done the Martland way!

To find out more about our Prescot food waste collection and food waste recycling services click on one of our links below or call 01704 776977 today:-

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