Haylage, Hay & Straw


If you require hay or straw, then Martlands should be your first call. We are not just the premier skip hire company in the North West, we also supply top quality haylage from our base in Burscough, Lancashire.

Haylage, Hay & Straw

If you need top-quality hay, straw or haylage then look no further. Martlands can supply all sizes of bales delivered from our base near Ormskirk in Lancashire.


Haylage is a replacement for hay. All of our Haylage is laboratory tested to ensure it is top quality. We supply it from our Lancashire base to horse owners all over the North West.

Hay and Straw

Our hay and straw are always stored undercover to ensure it remains dry. That means it arrives with you in the best possible condition.

What is the difference between haylage and hay?

Hay is traditionally cut when the grass is mature and then it is left to dry in the field before it is baled and stored. Haylage, on the other hand, is cut earlier in the season and left to wilt in the field for a shorter time before it is baled and wrapped in layers of plastic.

Why feed haylage?

  • Is a good source of fibre, which is vital for the efficient movement of food along the digestive system.
  • Horses are evolved for browsing – they prefer to eat little but often, so slowly chewing it is better for them hard feed that can be eaten in a few minutes.
  • It provides as much energy and protein as hard feed, so it saves money is kinder to the animals’ digestive system.
  • It does not need soaking, so it is ideal in conditions when water might freeze.

Martlands Can Delivered To Your Door

Delivery can be arranged – please phone us to obtain further details – or contact us by email from the form on our Martlands website.