Top Soil & Crushed Brick


If you need high quality top soil or aggregate, Martlands Waste Management is the place to come.

Top Soil & Crushed Brick

As part of our commitment to recycling as much as possible of the waste we collect, we offer a topsoil and crushed brick delivery service in the Ormskirk, Burscough, Southport, West Lancashire and Merseyside regions.

Our topsoil is the ideal material for landscapers, garden contractors, building developers or parks managers – as well as DIYers. It is ideal for improving your soil quality, seeding or creating garden borders.

What is Top Soil?

Topsoil sits on top of the subsoil and differs from it because it has more organic matter, nutrients, and fewer salts – making it ideal for growing plants. A good topsoil is nutrient and mineral-rich and promotes the growth of plants. Topsoil looks darker than subsoil because it retains water better.

How much topsoil do I need?

You should aim to have at least six inches of topsoil on top of the subsoil – especially if you plan to plant grass.

How do I add Top Soil?

Spread the topsoil evenly over the surface to be covered, removing any rocks or other debris as you go. Add two or three inches of compost or manure to the soil if you want to improve the texture and drainage capabilities even further. Then, till the topsoil into the existing soil to a depth of eight inches. Rake over the area and allow it to settle for at least seven days before planting.

Crushed Brick

Crushed brick is the ideal aggregate to use as hardcore in concreting or to fill large areas at the lowest possible cost. Give Martlands a call today to order your crushed brick delivery.

Topsoil and Crushed Brick Delivery

To order your topsoil or crushed brick, just call or email our office for a tailored quote.