Kirkby Food Waste Collection Services

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Every business in the country needs to start getting greener, and your Kirkby business is no exception. Can your existing Kirkby waste collection service offer you a Kirkby food waste recycling service? Can it co-opt the latest in technology to help you manage waste collections and allow you you identify how much waste is being produced of each type? If you seek a smarter Kirkby Waste Management solution – then you need a total waste management solution from Martlands.

Kirkby Food Waste Collection Services

Martland’s can divert all of your business’s recyclable food waste into an anaerobic digestion facility – this is a place where it will be converted to biogas or a nutrient-rich fertiliser. Biogas is a specialist source of renewable energy that can be burned in gas engines instead of fossil fuels like coal and oil. This means your waste can supply power to the national grid. The fertiliser will be suitable both for agricultural use and for land regeneration activity.

Kirkby Food Waste Recycling Services

The philosophy behind our Kirkby waste recycling service and Kirkby waste collection services is to give your Kirkby business a solution that gives you total waste management. Our ethos is that of “Zero Waste to Landfill”. We are committed to constantly innovating and we continually work on new solutions that will help our customers to meet their goals and develop their corporate social responsibility. We always work together in partnership with your work on policies that increase recycling rates and protect your profits.

That’s Kirkby waste management done the Martlands way…

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