Category 3 Animal By Product Collection & Processing


Martlands can collect all types of category 3 animal by product and surplus food waste. We have collections to cater to all kinds of businesses, from butchers’ by-products through to poultry processing waste from abattoirs. We are experts at handling waste, so you can trust us to handle your animal by-products.

Category 3 Animal By-Product Collection & Processing

Martlands is a licenced processor of Category 3 Animal By-Products (ABPs).

Category 3 ABPs are classified as low risk and they include:

  • animal hides, skins, hooves, feathers, wool, horns, and hair that did not have any signs of infectious disease at death
  • aquatic animals, aquatic or terrestrial invertebrates
  • carcasses or body parts that have been passed fit for humans to eat, at a slaughterhouse
  • domestic catering waste
  • eggs, egg and hatchery by-products and eggshells
  • hides and skins from slaughterhouses
  • products or foods of animal origin that were originally meant for human consumption but have been withdrawn for commercial reasons, not because they are unfit for consumption
  • shells from shellfish that have soft tissue

Processed Animal Proteins (PAP)

PAP are animal proteins that are processed from any category 3 ABP except for:

  • blood products
  • collagen
  • dicalcium phosphate or tricalcium phosphate of animal origin
  • eggs and egg by-products, including shells
  • gelatine
  • hydrolysed proteins
  • milk, colostrum or products that are derived from them

Martlands ABP Processing

It is against the law to dispose of ABPs without following the right rules and regulations. Martlands fully comply with all laws on the processing of animal by products – from the provision of suitable vehicles to transport waste through to our hygiene procedures and detailed record keeping. When you choose us to manage the disposal of your ABPs you can be confident that you will get an efficient, professional and safe service. All of the Category 3 animal by-products we handle are processed into finished products for other goods and processes, with nothing going to waste.