Category 1 Animal By Product Collection & Processing


All Category 1 animal by product waste is collected by Martlands in one of our specialised vehicles and processed at our own dedicated waste processing plant. All of our processing meets environmental guidelines and relevant legislation, ensuring that any Category 1 animal by-products are treated and handled in a bio-secure way.

Category 1 Animal By-Product Collection & Processing

Martlands is a licenced processor of Category 1 Animal By-Products (ABPs).

Category 1 ABPs are classified as high risk and they include:

  • carcasses and body parts of animals that are suspected of being infected with transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE)
  • carcasses or body parts from zoo animals, circus animals or pets
  • carcasses of animals that have been used in experiments
  • carcasses of wild animals that are suspected of being infected with a disease that humans or animals may contract
  • international catering waste
  • parts of animals that have been contaminated due to illegal treatments
  • body parts that pose a particular disease risk, for example, cows’ spinal cords)

Martlands ABP Processing

It is against the law to dispose of ABPs without following a detailed series of rules and regulations. Martlands are able to fully comply with all regulations and laws around the processing of animal by products – from providing suitable vehicles to transport them through to detailed hygiene procedures and record keeping. When you choose Martlands to manage the disposal of your ABPs you can be confident of an efficient, professional and safe service.

Martlands Waste Management

You can be confident that Martlands provide an efficient, professional Category 1 Animal By-Product Collection and Processing service that is compliant with all relevant environmental legislation. Your waste is collected by a suitable vehicle from our fleet and brought to our waste recycling plant for processing. All Category 1 by-products are processed into finished products for other goods and processes, with nothing going to waste.