Shropshire ABP Collection Service

Cumbria ABP Collection Service

Martland’s Shropshire is a licenced processor of all three categories of Shropshire animal by products (ABPs). We collect your ABP waste in one of our specialised Shropshire ABP collection vehicles and process it professionally at our own dedicated waste processing plant. Our Shropshire ABP processing meets all relevant environmental guidelines and relevant legislation, and we ensure that any animal by-products are handled, treated and disposed of in a bio-secure way.

Disposing Of Shropshire Animal By Products

You can be sure that Martland’s Shropshire offers an efficient, professional Shropshire ABP Collection and Processing service which is compliant with all the relevant environmental legislation. Your waste will be collected by a vehicle from our dedicated fleet and brought to our Lancashire waste recycling plant for processing. All low risk Category 3 animal by products are processed into products for other goods and processes, with nothing being wasted. Category 1 animal by products waste and Category 2 animal by products waste (both of which are considered to be high-risk) are incinerated in-line with current government guidance.

Martlands Shropshire Shropshire ABP Collection & Processing

It is against the law for an unlicensed business to dispose of Shropshire ABPs. Licenced operators such as Martlands Shropshire ABP processing must follow stringent rules and regulations that come from the government. We’re able to fully comply with all of these regulations and the laws around the processing of animal by products – from providing the appropriate vehicle to transport them through to our detailed hygiene procedures and appropriate record keeping. When you choose Martlands Shropshire ABP collection to manage the disposal of your Shropshire ABPs you can be sure that you are getting an efficient, professional and safe service.

Martlands ABP Processing

Martlands has been operating for over 100 years. We are based in Burscough, Lancashire, a few miles north of Ormskirk. Martlands is a family owned business that has been trading for over 100 years. From these origins, the business has expanded over the years into one of the North West’s premier skip hire companies.