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If you have a hospitality business in Liverpool and have not yet invested in a Liverpool food waste collection service or a Liverpool food waste recycling service then act now: don’t let your profits go to waste. Landfill tax – a charge on the waste that you do not recycle – is charged for waste that goes to landfill and nearly all business food waste in the UK is currently disposed of in this way. However, it is possible to recycle a lot of your food waste into either agricultural fertiliser or biogas that can be used in renewable energy generation.

Liverpool Food Waste Collection & Recycling Services

Cutting down your business’s “carbon footprint” is really important, as the earth has a dwindling number of natural resources left, and greenhouse gases CO2 and CH4 (carbon dioxide and methane) are released by rotting food waste – and they contribute to climate change. Because food waste is relatively heavy, the more of your food waste you send off to a landfill, the higher your landfill tax bill.

Waste Collection Done The Martland Way!

Martlands can provide your business with a Liverpool food waste recycling service that is second to none. If you are an event organiser, a production company or a cleaning company then you will be able to benefit from our smart waste collection service and our total waste management service. Martlands work with you to help to develop a waste collection regime that meets all your needs, as part of a strategic plan that follows our ethos – “Zero Waste to Landfill”. Call Martland’s today and start to recycle more.

That’s Liverpool waste management done the Martland way!

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