Food Waste & ABP Collection


Martlands is more than just the North West’s premier skip hire company: we also offer food waste and ABP (animal by product) collection and disposal services. Why contribute to climate change when for a competitive price you can have your waste collected and recycled into raw materials that protect the planet?

Food Waste & ABP

We have collections to cater to all kinds of businesses, from butchers’ by-products through to poultry processing waste from abattoirs as well as regular food waste for food processing plants or restaurants.

Food Waste Collection

The food waste collection service from Martlands ensures that your food waste does not go into landfill, but instead is reused and processed to improve sustainability and protect the environment. Food waste collected by our food waste collection service is taken to our anaerobic digestion facility for processing. There, naturally occurring microorganisms break it down to produce biogas and nutrient-rich fertiliser that can be used by agriculture. The biogas is converted into renewable electricity and fed into the National Grid.

Animal By-Product Collection and Processing

Martlands is a licenced processor of all three categories of Animal By Products (ABPs). We collect your waste in one of our specialised vehicles and process it professionally at our own dedicated waste processing plant. All of our ABP processing meets environmental guidelines and relevant legislation, ensuring that any animal by-products are treated and handled in a bio-secure way.

You can be confident that Martlands provide an efficient, professional Animal By-Product Collection and Processing service that is compliant with all relevant environmental legislation. Your waste is collected by a suitable vehicle from our fleet and brought to our waste recycling plant for processing. All Category 3 animal by product waste is processed into finished products for other goods and processes, with nothing going to waste.

Martlands Waste Management Services

Don’t forget that Martlands also offers a collection service for other recyclable and non-recyclable waste streams, so we can offer you a holistic waste collection and management service that protects the planet as well as keeping costs down. Call or email us to find out more.