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Don’t throw your Wigan business’s profits straight in the bin by properly investing in a smart waste management service from Martlands Waste Management services. We are your local and trusted Wigan food waste recycling service and Wigan food waste collection services specialists.

Wigan Food Waste Recycling Services

It is shocking to think that if we recycled all of our food waste it would be equivalent to taking a quarter of the cars off our roads. Saving the environment is not just a fad – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can have an effect on your Wigan business’s bottom line – by reducing the amount of landfill tax your organisation has to pay. Biodegrading food releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and that leads to global warming and climate change.

Waste Collection Done The Martland Way!

Martlands offers a Wigan food waste collection service and a Wigan food waste recycling service that is the best in the business. By working with you on a “Zero Waste to Landfill” strategy we can help you to improve your company’s green credentials and chop down your carbon footprint. Our experts build a solution to exceed your expectations and match your business needs. We believe in offering the best customer service in our industry and are proud to help hundreds of businesses in the North West with total waste management solutions. Call Martland’s waste management services today to start your journey to smarter food waste recycling done in an ethical and sustainable manner.

That’s Wigan waste management done the Martland way!

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