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For a Cumbria horse owner, losing your equine companion is amongst the worst things that you can imagine. Sadly, the day must come for every horse lover in Cumbria. Heavenly Pastures horse cremations Cumbria are a service that here at Martlands fallen stock collection we recommend to help you with the arrangements for a Cumbria horse cremation – from planning for the event of an unexpected loss through to Cumbria horse collection and cremation. They have options for every circumstance and budget.

Cumbria Horse Cremations

Burial can often be the first thing in a Cumbria horse owner’s mind when the end of their companions’ life arises. It’s important to consider all the practicalities when it comes to burial of a horse: This information is here to help you make an informed decision. You can always call the team at Heavenly Pastures horse cremations for a chat about your options and they can provide you with any further information that you need.

Horses that were kept exclusively as pets can be buried as long as the owner has the agreement of their local authority and follows any advice that is given by them. The first consideration, which many Cumbria horse owners cannot meet, is that the burial has to be on your own land. Then, the Cumbria local authority has to agree that your horse was only kept as a pet (as opposed to livestock), as livestock may not be buried in Cumbria.  Horses that were not pets must be collected and delivered to an approved premises under the Animal By-Production Regulations.  Heavenly Pastures Cumbria horse cremations can assist you in this regard, and they offer Cumbria horse cremations with or without returning the horse’s ashes to you.

Heavenly Pastures Horse Cremations Cumbria

We recommend Heavenly Pastures Cumbria. They are there help you with collection and cremation services for horses in Cumbria with their nationwide horse collection and horse cremations service. They will give you the opportunity to grieve as their Cumbria equine end of life service takes care of the practical arrangements for you.

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